Your custom post types aren’t limited to be displayed in the respective page template. You can also use shortcodes to create carousels with your info. There is a shortcode for each custom post type, each one with it’s specific options.

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Portfolio Carousel

[carousel_portfolio num_projects=”6″ timeout=”5000″]

[[carousel_portfolio num_projects="" filtered_category="" timeout=""]]

Services Carousel

[carousel_services timeout=”10000″]

[[carousel_services timeout=""]]

Staff Carousel

[carousel_staff filtered_department=”29″ num_members=”8″ timeout=”7000″]

[[carousel_staff filtered_department="" num_members="" timeout=""]]

Testimonials Carousel

[carousel_testimonials order=”rand” num_items=”4″ timeout=”5000″]

[[carousel_testimonials order="" num_items="" timeout=""]]

Blog Carousel

[carousel_blog num_items=”4″ timeout=”5000″]